Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anxiety creeping in

Hello my wonderful baby! How are you? Doc says your heartbeat is quite slow but still normal and you might just be extra sleepy all the time. Do you feel the boredom that Mommy feels nowadays? What's keeping you inside me then?

I happened to see on Facebook that one of my high school classmates have given birth yesterday via CS delivery when her due date is still mid-July! Another busmate from high school is at the hospital with her contractions being monitored and I vaguely remember that I'm a bit ahead of her in terms of due date. Tita Fara tells me that a friend of hers with the same due date as I has already given birth. Although I'm still on my 39th week today and this other high school batchmate gave birth at 40 weeks on her second baby, I shouldn't really be alarmed, but the fact that my xray pelvimetry said the midplane area is smaller than normal and I might be meant for a CS delivery makes me really anxious. I do mind a little that it's going to cost double than a normal delivery, my plan of exclusively breastfeeding you might be affected a little bit and that's what worries me most. I hope I'm doing you good by walking everyday for 45 minutes.

On Friday we'll visit the doctor again and I'm hoping for a bit of good news. I really can't wait to give birth with all the newborn photos I see on Facebook, it's already driving me crazy!!!! So Baby Georgia, I hope you give me signs that you're ready to come out and spare me and your daddy the anxiety! We can't wait to see you!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home stretch!

Hi baby! You're being active again and Mommy's really sleepy still. Your Tito Martin said I should be walking around already so you'll eventually go down in place. I hope I can do that later. Almost didn't get any sleep last night.

It was a surprise to find that I lost 3.3lbs during my last OB visit. That was from eating less rice and more veggies (most of it malunggay and soup) for the last two weeks! I never thought I could do it! This is considering that you're still growing at least 500 grams during that time. I hope I can keep this up without compromising your health.

We're here at your Lola Baby's house and Tito Chito, Tita Cecille and Ninang Ginny are here! They have so many gifts for you they're all so cute and adorable! I think you already have something to wear for your christening :)

Last Monday, we had lunch at Kikufuji in Makati and it was sad that I cannot eat my favorite food because they're raw :( I really miss eating sashimi and spicy tuna and I just settled for tempura and some California Maki. Your dad, on the other hand, requested for some take-out and everyone in their office enjoyed that little treat! I still don't know if I can eat raw fish while I breastfeed you but I hope I can! I wonder what kind of food you'll like?

I'm almost 38 weeks now and everybody's expecting to meet you already! I'm having a very difficult time doing a lot of things now and it looks like you're not ready to come out yet. Your Tito Martin said that it will all be up to you, so I hope you'll consider and come out right now!!! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby's day out

Have I told you how beautiful your name is, baby girl? :)

Being 36 weeks and about to pop out, your dad gave in to my suggestion to spend the whole Sunday in Greenbelt. The last time I visited that mall was back in April 2010, where we had my graduation lunch at Zuni. It was primarily a choice because your Tito Martin gave us several GCs of Agantea which can only be found in GB2. We arrived at around 11am and decided to watch Snow White and the Huntsman after getting some Bubble Milk Tea and this drink called QQ (and both are very good!)

It was your dad's first time to eat a corndog and a cream puff (seriously!) and we found the movie to be quite dragging. I had an inkling that anything with Kristen Stewart on it would be annoying (I initially thought she'd be a toughie this time and she wasn't! For most of the movie she was still a whiny, helpless damsel and it's really getting so old!). The last part was actually cheesy. And of course, I found your dad to be getting listless during the last half hour, and also because the fire exit sign was lit way too bright beside us. The airconditioning wasn't that great either.

Heard mass downstairs and decided to watch Men in Black 3 at 630 after eating a fairly light meal at Capricciosa (clam chowder and four-cheese pizza with salmon yum!) We finished the last of the GCs and by this time I was dead tired and bloated from all the milk teas we consumed! That was actually my big-time exercise for that week :)

I really want you to come out now, I'm getting really impatient especially now that there's less to do (Game of Thrones season 2 has just ended). Later I'll be getting a biophysical ultrasound and Dr. Leonardo said we both should get a good score on it! I really do hope that I'll have a normal delivery with you so it will be easier for both of us to recover!

I also want to say how happy I am that we chose a good pedia for you, Doc Kat! She's so warm and accommodating and helpful! Not only will she give your vaccines at cost, she even told us we can pay her when we're able! Now isn't that great? She said she'll be there to help you and me in every way. I'm sure you'll like her too!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring cleaning

I can't believe it's June 1st! You're now full-term, Georgia, any day now you could pop out! I'm excited and anxious at the same time because that means a totally new chapter of Peejo and Tere's life is about to unfold. More sleepless nights and a total revamp of our priorities. But it's all good, I know it's a kind of change we would always welcome anytime! I find that you no longer let me sleep after I pee in the middle of the night for a few days now. Are you as excited as your Daddy and me?

The rainy season has started (much to your dad's frustration over last night's unexpected flood and traffic), somewhat washing away unimportant things to make room for new ones. Just like what I've been doing this past few days. Since you're about to arrive, it wouldn't hurt to "clean up" memories to make way for new ones we'll have with you!

My room is newly painted so most of my stuff are either by the staircase or downstairs. I can't believe I've accumulated so much over the past 25 years! (I was 7 when we moved here.) The bulk of it was actually school stuff and journals. I found maybe at least 10 journals from way back in high school including this big blue binder which is probably the last I wrote on before I kept up with the times and started my blog frenzy.

I swear, the things that I write about are so hilarious, shallow, and most of all, cringe-worthy! Aah, the trivialty of youth written with such innocence. They were mostly about boys, frustration over friends, family, school and work; not to mention the crazy stories I conjure in my head. I wouldn't be surprised if you eventually pick up my habit of writing on anything you could get your hands on. It actually took me two days to finish because I read most of them for one last time. When you're old enough I'm sure you'll keep your journals under lock and key, away from my prying eyes, just like what I did. Don't worry I won't snoop! I'd rather you tell me about your adventures and thoughts instead, whenever you're ready.

I mentioned some people whom I can no longer recall. I realized that some people whom I thought were important were actually not, because I rarely wrote about them. At one point I wrote about so many boys that I realized your mommy WAS actually a hot commodity! Hahaha! I complained about so many of them not being consistent, being weird, freaky and confusing. Basically a roller coaster ride of emotions everytime. Of course it wasn't entirely their fault, I had my share of wrongdoings too. Let's just say that Mommy got heartbroken once big time, and it was surprising and impressive just how emotional that particular entry went that I could turn it into a song had I not chosen to burn it. One realization stood out from this cleaning up, though -- those so-called relationships were never meant to work out because I have yet to meet your dad!

Let me tell you a secret, it was only your dad who impressed me and your grandparents big time. It was only your dad who has given so much of himself for me. It was only your dad who's been consistent with his expressions of love all this time, even until now. Now that you're about to meet him, there'll be no doubt he'll be the knight in shining armor who will sweep you off your feet!