Monday, December 10, 2012


I see you struggling to breathe through a clogged nose. And in a few moments I will hear you with that pitiful cough. This is your first time to get sick, and it breaks my heart that you fall asleep in the morning when I carry you because you had difficulty sleeping the night before. It's even more difficult for me because I have also acquired cough and colds because I lack sleep.

We saw a different doctor last Thursday in the hopes of treating your symptoms right away. You were diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, something that I find hard to accept because I always knew you got my good health and strong immune system. But then again the history of allergy is so strong with your daddy's side of the family. In fact he's sick himself nowadays. You were prescribed with several meds and I suppose I can't accept the fact that doctor prohibits me from eating peanuts and recommending that you use a hypoallergenic (and expensive) bath and laundry soap together with buying new pillows. I even felt bad about the dog in your lola's home, with which I swore that you'll never have any pets when you grow up.

And since you weren't getting any better, we decided to meet your doctor for an emergency check-up and Dr. Kat was more than willing to go out of her way to meet us. And she told us what my instincts tell me all along... you contracted a virus, most probably from your daddy and uncle and that we needed a whole new set of meds. That was actually the first time I kinda lied to your doctor, because I didn't buy the meds she first prescribed and instead jumped the gun and bought what the other doctor prescribed, because initially I thought they'd have the same diagnosis. Well, they did not, and I guess I panicked a bit because I really want you to get well.

Anyhoo, to right a wrong, I followed your doctor's instructions, and I felt bad that I spent a lot on the wrong meds. I'm feeling a bit under the weather nowadays, and more than anything, I want to get well so I can take care of you better. It's sad and frustrating that some doctors just jump to a diagnosis. What if you had a more serious ailment, what would happen to you then? I learned several lessons today: 1) to not see doctor #2 ever(she's what I call "malakas ang dating" and not very accommodating; 2) to believe our own doctor's instincts and see her right away; 3) not buy meds all at one time if there's any bit of hesitation; 4) steer clear of people who are sick!(this could be very difficult if it's your daddy we're talking about).

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Strolling along

As I write this, you're past your second hour of naptime. Did our stroll this morning make you THAT tired? On the one hand, I'm glad you're making up for lost sleep from waking up way too early today. It allows me to do things that I can't normally do when you're awake (like eating, sleeping or blogging) but at the same time I kinda miss you and I want to play with you and see you smile and laugh at my antics and facial expressions. Also, we'll meet up with your lolo and lola for early dinner at Sambokojin and I'm hoping that you'll relax and sleep while we savor the buffet spread later. You say, "What?! You want me to wake up so I can sleep?!" Yes, Mom is a bit deranged that way :)

I immensely enjoy taking walks with you in the mornings and afternoons. For one, it enables me to exercise some muscles and get me back on my previous active lifestyle. Second, I can take advantage of the cool breeze and a bit of nature after being subjected to months of stuffiness at the condo. The scenery here in Alabang rejuvenates me and reminds me that there's so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to. I see your Zen-like disposition (drooly chin on an equally drooly chest with bubbles on your lips and sleepy slits for eyes) as we crawl our way through Tanauan and Cuenca streets, spending around an hour outside everytime.

You're growing so fast baby, and in no time you'll start walking and have me chasing after you. It has been months since I worked out, and so far I'm happy that I started moving around again. I'm happy that I could stroll with you, and sooner or later you'll have me working up a sweat which I would gladly embrace.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Win or lose, it's the school we choose!

Hi baby girl!

In the light of my alma mater's stunning 5-peat victory in the year's most peculiar date- 10.11.12 - let me tell you about the greatest rivalry Philippine sports has ever known.

Never has there been any team as popular as the Ateneo Blue Eagles and the De La Salle Green Archers especially between July and October when the UAAP basketball games become the hottest thing around. In the league of 8 universities, the battle of blues and greens is the only one that matters, be it a championship game or mere eliminations. Ticket sales skyrocket (oftentimes you can barely get any once the two teams enter the championships) and the audience would number 18,000-20,000 each game. The rivalry has actually spanned generations, and I heard the games had even become seriously rowdy back in the '70s. In this Facebook era, news feeds tend to get updated at the speed of light with everyone voicing out their support for their favorites.

At some point in the future, you would probably find mommy and daddy glued to the TV or computer screen bashing each other's team. Mommy's on the blue, Daddy and their entire household bets on the green. Despite having been schooled in both universities pretty much as long as the other, I find that my loyalty remains true to Ateneo - or some would correct it as THE Ateneo, which your dad finds really annoying and I could only laugh because even if it indeed sounded annoying, there can only be one best university, and that is it :)

If you do end up spending your college years in the Philippines, I would want to send you to Ateneo, and I would go to great lengths to afford it. Not only does it have a sprawling campus (the last time I checked which was actually 12 years ago during my college graduation but I'm sure they won't fill up the place with buildings), I feel they set higher academic standards. I don't like studying a lot and I breezed through grade school and high school with flying colors without exerting a lot of effort. When I got to college, I found myself spending so much time studying just to end up as an average joe. And the times that I thought I could hack it by just skimming through my notes? Dreadful Cs and Ds that really bruised my ego. So thankful for hardworking and brainy friends who are good influences all the time. Then again, I realized only 5 years later that Management Information Systems may not have been for me, hence I had a difficult time.

I went to De La Salle for graduate studies mainly because it's most convenient and Ateneo wasn't offering a degree in Early Childhood Education. I breezed through it part-time for 3 1/2 years (even acing Statistics which surprised me a lot!) and I almost graduated with distinction had it not been for some regulation that said I took too long with my thesis which was the ultimate bane of my schooling years. I almost gave up on a master's degree because of it... it was too time-consuming and really squeezed my brain cells dry, and I've never been happier when the panel finally approved it.

So what's Mommy's point? A task is never daunting nor difficult if you want it. A job will never seem like a job if you like it. During those times, Mommy wasn't sure what she wanted to be, and she's very thankful that circumstances in her life led her to what she really wanted, and even if it took her 5 years to realize it, it didn't seem too late at all. I hope and pray that you will not find yourself in that same predicament, but nevertheless if you do, Mommy and Daddy will be here to support you and give you what you want whatever it is!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bigger and bigger

Hello the-cutest-baby-in-the-world! You're sleeping on your tummy as mommy writes this. It's pretty much a relief for us that you've been sleeping on the bed a lot longer than you used to since you're about to outgrow your cradle swing. This just means that it will be easier shuttling from our house to the grandparents' houses since there will be no more cradle swing to lug around! It's still useful though, on short naps.

Your daddy and I can't believe you're 14lbs already. People were right, at your age you will just get bigger and bigger like a blown-up balloon! You've been sooo amazing since you turned three months because there's so many things that you can do already! You keep on rolling over the moment we bring you down in bed, you shriek with laughter when people play with you, you cry like a banshee when feeding time gets a little delayed (because you would rather sleep a few minutes more) and who could forget that shot last Sunday! Your daddy and I thought that you'll get soothed during feeding but noooo. You were really in pain and it took you a while to get over it. Awwww. And then Doc Kat tells us about what happens when we have your ears pierced. There's so much to be done and to watch out for that your daddy and I have decided not to have your ears pierced anytime soon. Maybe when you're 3 years old. Haha. We're just not ready for the consequences of having it today. Besides, you scratch your ears too much nowadays, I'm sure you won't mind!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Georgia on my mind

Hello baby! Do you know I've been waiting for you to wake up so you can feed? I've been waiting for about an hour already! It seems like you can sleep for longer periods already, leaving mommy to attend to other things, like this blog. This is great!

A handful of our friends and family have asked me why we named you Georgia. Well, for one, it's the very first name that your daddy considered from all my other suggestions. Second, I wanted something unique, something that sounds classy yet not too girly. During my pregnancy I would often see Georgina Wilson on TV and figured I would like my daughter to be as stunning. Of course that's a long shot because genes do play an important part in how you will look like (which, as of late, is leaning heavily on your daddy's side). Anyway, it was also American Idol season and these country singers would choose songs with Georgia in their title, such as Georgia on my Mind and Midnight Train to Georgia. Of course how could I forget John Mayer's Why Georgia. Not that those songs are my favorites, but they just seemed to occupy my consciousness more often than not. And then Philip Philips, who's from Georgia, became this year's American Idol. I think that sealed the deal hehehe.

And what do you know, when I came down from the car to get inside the church where you will be baptized, I see Georgia on the street sign. Now is that fate or what? :)

How about Lucia, you may ask? It's actually the name of the daughter of a former co-worker who's the cutest baby I've ever seen (until I saw you of course!) and also it's a tribute to your Lola Baby who's real name is Lucille. Your Ninang Aweng once remarked if I was a huge George Lucas fan (get it?) and for a moment there I wanted to change it. But of course I didn't! Because for me it's a very beautiful name and I think it fits you perfectly. I hope you'll feel the same way :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I can get used to this!

I can get used to this... really. It's 10am and you are peacefully sleeping in your cradle swing care of your Tita Carla, which I should say is the greatest invention for you as of yet! Too bad I had to endure like 2 months of sleepless nights until we discovered you fit snugly in it and had no qualms of being in it! There's even a bit of improvement now that you no longer cry when I put you in the swing while you're still awake and you can lull yourself to sleep as you stare at the hanging toys!

I failed in giving a blow-by-blow documentation of your birth and the struggle that is the first 2 months. Your Daddy and I don't seem to get tired of telling people about Day 1 ordeal, when you cried your lungs out from 9pm to 4am for no reason at all. I was forced to get up from bed despite the catheter and my stitches just to pacify you, without any success, until you decided to go to sleep at 4am just like that.

I found myself crying when Doc Kat said you had to be admitted for possible jaundice. I felt so much pity for you that your small and helpless body had to be put on IV, not to mention that I haven't had any sleep that first week and that a hospital stay will make me feel more miserable. I had to look away when the ER doctor had to insert that needle on your foot (which later on got removed because you moved too much and so they had to insert a needle again on your hand which both of us didn't see). The first room we signed up for was the smallest I've ever been in, and the most pitiful at that. Good thing there was an available room on the 4th floor where everything was waaay better. After a few days of photolight therapy, you were discharged and I couldn't have been happier.

The next few weeks brought about frustration and an extreme amount of patience and understanding. Your dad would find me crying in frustration that I cannot make you stop crying or I felt too tired from lack of sleep. As the days went on, things got better, and I was getting the hang of things. Later on we learned to distinguish your cries, change your diaper in the most systematic way possible and I learned which position saved me from having sore nipples. We got such a big help from Manang Lita, a lactation expert and she was probably the greatest recommendation I could ever give my expectant mother friends.

You are now 2 months and a week old. We have seen you smile a hundred times since you first learned to, you now follow a feed/wake/sleep cycle which hopefully will bring us to longer nighttime sleep in the future! You have been using the cradle swing much to our delight and I have been sleeping quite comfortably, albeit 3-4 hours at a time at most. Your dad and I are slowly easing back into our old lives, watching movies and eating out with friends. As a matter of fact, we'll be watching his favorite "Phantom of the Opera" on his birthday. Your Ate Mylene has grown very fond of you and has decided to stay with us indefinitely much to our relief. We have also received very good news from Canada, and who knows, we might just find ourselves moving to that colder part of the world by next year or so.

So many things are happening since you were born, my love. And I'm glad it's mostly good things for our family. You are our lucky charm, baby Georgia! I'm excited for what lies ahead!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anxiety creeping in

Hello my wonderful baby! How are you? Doc says your heartbeat is quite slow but still normal and you might just be extra sleepy all the time. Do you feel the boredom that Mommy feels nowadays? What's keeping you inside me then?

I happened to see on Facebook that one of my high school classmates have given birth yesterday via CS delivery when her due date is still mid-July! Another busmate from high school is at the hospital with her contractions being monitored and I vaguely remember that I'm a bit ahead of her in terms of due date. Tita Fara tells me that a friend of hers with the same due date as I has already given birth. Although I'm still on my 39th week today and this other high school batchmate gave birth at 40 weeks on her second baby, I shouldn't really be alarmed, but the fact that my xray pelvimetry said the midplane area is smaller than normal and I might be meant for a CS delivery makes me really anxious. I do mind a little that it's going to cost double than a normal delivery, my plan of exclusively breastfeeding you might be affected a little bit and that's what worries me most. I hope I'm doing you good by walking everyday for 45 minutes.

On Friday we'll visit the doctor again and I'm hoping for a bit of good news. I really can't wait to give birth with all the newborn photos I see on Facebook, it's already driving me crazy!!!! So Baby Georgia, I hope you give me signs that you're ready to come out and spare me and your daddy the anxiety! We can't wait to see you!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home stretch!

Hi baby! You're being active again and Mommy's really sleepy still. Your Tito Martin said I should be walking around already so you'll eventually go down in place. I hope I can do that later. Almost didn't get any sleep last night.

It was a surprise to find that I lost 3.3lbs during my last OB visit. That was from eating less rice and more veggies (most of it malunggay and soup) for the last two weeks! I never thought I could do it! This is considering that you're still growing at least 500 grams during that time. I hope I can keep this up without compromising your health.

We're here at your Lola Baby's house and Tito Chito, Tita Cecille and Ninang Ginny are here! They have so many gifts for you they're all so cute and adorable! I think you already have something to wear for your christening :)

Last Monday, we had lunch at Kikufuji in Makati and it was sad that I cannot eat my favorite food because they're raw :( I really miss eating sashimi and spicy tuna and I just settled for tempura and some California Maki. Your dad, on the other hand, requested for some take-out and everyone in their office enjoyed that little treat! I still don't know if I can eat raw fish while I breastfeed you but I hope I can! I wonder what kind of food you'll like?

I'm almost 38 weeks now and everybody's expecting to meet you already! I'm having a very difficult time doing a lot of things now and it looks like you're not ready to come out yet. Your Tito Martin said that it will all be up to you, so I hope you'll consider and come out right now!!! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby's day out

Have I told you how beautiful your name is, baby girl? :)

Being 36 weeks and about to pop out, your dad gave in to my suggestion to spend the whole Sunday in Greenbelt. The last time I visited that mall was back in April 2010, where we had my graduation lunch at Zuni. It was primarily a choice because your Tito Martin gave us several GCs of Agantea which can only be found in GB2. We arrived at around 11am and decided to watch Snow White and the Huntsman after getting some Bubble Milk Tea and this drink called QQ (and both are very good!)

It was your dad's first time to eat a corndog and a cream puff (seriously!) and we found the movie to be quite dragging. I had an inkling that anything with Kristen Stewart on it would be annoying (I initially thought she'd be a toughie this time and she wasn't! For most of the movie she was still a whiny, helpless damsel and it's really getting so old!). The last part was actually cheesy. And of course, I found your dad to be getting listless during the last half hour, and also because the fire exit sign was lit way too bright beside us. The airconditioning wasn't that great either.

Heard mass downstairs and decided to watch Men in Black 3 at 630 after eating a fairly light meal at Capricciosa (clam chowder and four-cheese pizza with salmon yum!) We finished the last of the GCs and by this time I was dead tired and bloated from all the milk teas we consumed! That was actually my big-time exercise for that week :)

I really want you to come out now, I'm getting really impatient especially now that there's less to do (Game of Thrones season 2 has just ended). Later I'll be getting a biophysical ultrasound and Dr. Leonardo said we both should get a good score on it! I really do hope that I'll have a normal delivery with you so it will be easier for both of us to recover!

I also want to say how happy I am that we chose a good pedia for you, Doc Kat! She's so warm and accommodating and helpful! Not only will she give your vaccines at cost, she even told us we can pay her when we're able! Now isn't that great? She said she'll be there to help you and me in every way. I'm sure you'll like her too!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring cleaning

I can't believe it's June 1st! You're now full-term, Georgia, any day now you could pop out! I'm excited and anxious at the same time because that means a totally new chapter of Peejo and Tere's life is about to unfold. More sleepless nights and a total revamp of our priorities. But it's all good, I know it's a kind of change we would always welcome anytime! I find that you no longer let me sleep after I pee in the middle of the night for a few days now. Are you as excited as your Daddy and me?

The rainy season has started (much to your dad's frustration over last night's unexpected flood and traffic), somewhat washing away unimportant things to make room for new ones. Just like what I've been doing this past few days. Since you're about to arrive, it wouldn't hurt to "clean up" memories to make way for new ones we'll have with you!

My room is newly painted so most of my stuff are either by the staircase or downstairs. I can't believe I've accumulated so much over the past 25 years! (I was 7 when we moved here.) The bulk of it was actually school stuff and journals. I found maybe at least 10 journals from way back in high school including this big blue binder which is probably the last I wrote on before I kept up with the times and started my blog frenzy.

I swear, the things that I write about are so hilarious, shallow, and most of all, cringe-worthy! Aah, the trivialty of youth written with such innocence. They were mostly about boys, frustration over friends, family, school and work; not to mention the crazy stories I conjure in my head. I wouldn't be surprised if you eventually pick up my habit of writing on anything you could get your hands on. It actually took me two days to finish because I read most of them for one last time. When you're old enough I'm sure you'll keep your journals under lock and key, away from my prying eyes, just like what I did. Don't worry I won't snoop! I'd rather you tell me about your adventures and thoughts instead, whenever you're ready.

I mentioned some people whom I can no longer recall. I realized that some people whom I thought were important were actually not, because I rarely wrote about them. At one point I wrote about so many boys that I realized your mommy WAS actually a hot commodity! Hahaha! I complained about so many of them not being consistent, being weird, freaky and confusing. Basically a roller coaster ride of emotions everytime. Of course it wasn't entirely their fault, I had my share of wrongdoings too. Let's just say that Mommy got heartbroken once big time, and it was surprising and impressive just how emotional that particular entry went that I could turn it into a song had I not chosen to burn it. One realization stood out from this cleaning up, though -- those so-called relationships were never meant to work out because I have yet to meet your dad!

Let me tell you a secret, it was only your dad who impressed me and your grandparents big time. It was only your dad who has given so much of himself for me. It was only your dad who's been consistent with his expressions of love all this time, even until now. Now that you're about to meet him, there'll be no doubt he'll be the knight in shining armor who will sweep you off your feet!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week's news

Did you know so many things happened the past week aside from my Lola Fely's and your Lolo Nestor's birthday?

1. Lady Gaga was unstoppable amidst the rallyists' cries for the cancellation of her 2-day concert in Manila because some closed-minded people think she's satanic and a bad role model for the youth.
--- I think these people have nothing better to do. I like some of her songs but find the others too weird for my taste and I am in no way satanic nor vulgar. I do find her outfits ridiculous but not even a topic for discussion. Why do people have to be so affected by it? When you're a bit older I'll show you what she looks like and you tell me if she's weird. Now I wonder how will the pop artists of your time will look like? I shudder at the thought but I guess you'll be just like me, nonchalant about these things. I did find some of the concertgoers' outfits quite hilarious, though. I probably would have watched had it been a year ago when I was still digging her songs.

2. Chief Justice Corona stages drama which just left the impeachment court and the TV audience irritated and exasperated with what Philippine politics and the justice system has turned out nowadays.
--- This is a piece of news that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The paawa effect and all the crying makes me puke. The chief justice trying to wriggle his way out of the mess he had created, the millions of dollars and pesos to his name, his hypoglycemic episode, haaaaay! It makes me sad to think that you will be born in a world of biases, dishonesty, dirty politics, lame excuses, and people who insult other people's intelligence. This may be far-fetched, but I hope and pray that the good still prevails everytime.

3. Philip Phillips wins American Idol Season 11.
--- Your Daddy and I have been avid viewers of the show, and it came to a point where we didn't mind if Philip or Jessica Sanchez won. However, when news spread that he needed a kidney operation, I thought it was a lame excuse to get sympathy votes, so I decided to bet on Jessica because of Filipino pride as well. We were able to vote several times, but I guess middle America still can't get enough of WGWGs (white guys with guitars). I know how some people have vehemently reacted to the results, but I guess everyone's pacified by now, since there's news that Tommy Mottola has already signed her up for a recording deal. I wonder if you'll be as musically talented as her? Haha. Mommy wouldn't mind whatever you get yourself into, be it sports, music, literature or the arts. Heck, you can even get into practical shooting with your dad if we can afford it!I asked him one time, and he said it would be nice if you'll end up a doctor or lawyer later on. I wouldn't mind if you turn out to be a teacher like me. As long as you stay right on track at least most of the time, you won't hear anything from me.

4. Mommy is 35 weeks pregnant!
--- Sorry baby Georgia if at times Mommy's just quiet or she complains a lot. I'm actually having a very difficult time already carrying you and honestly I really want this pregnancy to get over with! I visited the doctor last Friday and she told me I should really watch what I eat, considering you'll still grow 200-300grams a week and when I continue eating as I've been, I might deliver you C-section and that's something that we are really trying to avoid. My tummy's always itchy, I have a hard time finding a good sleeping position, and I can no longer endure a shopping errand! To think that I used to spend a whole day at the mall just a few years ago. Your Lola Baby helped us fix our condo for your arrival and we spent yesterday afternoon buying stuff for you. My feet just killed me and it was just under 2 hours! It actually made me worry because that meant I was already too heavy for my feet which have become swollen when we got home. It didn't ended there; we had to fix the closets, take out stuff, clean the rooms, set up the crib and the electric rocker, and so many other things that left your dad and me extremely tired and hungry at 9pm. Well at least everything's ready, we might even have somebody to help me at home when you arrive! I just have to pack our stuff for the hospital and we're good to go!

We have around a month to go, or maybe as short as 2 weeks I can't believe I'll be able to hold you in my arms!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

As big as a cantaloupe

I hope Blogger still maintains the old interface, I'm having a hard time with the new one! It's not as user-friendly and my posts turn out weird.

It's been a week since the baby shower that your Lola Baby, Tita Clarice, Tita Joanne and Tita Anna prepared for your dad and me. A lot of people came, just like my old friends Cathy and Elaine, as well as Jenny and Polle from the gym. It was indeed a shower of sorts because it literally poured around 4pm and we had to move the chairs and tables a bit. There was a lot of yummy food as well as a batch of yummy looking cupcakes! The photos are on Facebook and you'd see me all bloated and ready to give birth! It's really hard to move around now that you're as big as a cantaloupe (5lbs) and I'm pretty sensitive to heat. It rained a little bit a while ago and I'm hoping there'll be a breeze so I can sleep well.

I have four days left til I go on a real vacation, which means no part time work even yay! It will be a big change for me, considering I've been working since I was able to. Then again, I'd probably get too saturated with Facebook and checking my email. Maybe it's time to check out Lamaze videos and save them on my hard drive.

I can't wait to see you! I know it won't be long. It feels surreal though. In a few weeks my life will dramatically change, but I know it will be for the better. I've been told of sleepless nights and a total change of lifestyle, and honestly sometimes I feel that I'm not ready for it, but then again, when will I be, right? I guess it's just the fear of the unknown that's dictating all these, which I know I'll eventually overcome, especially when I'm already holding you in my arms. We'll be in this together my baby! Just thinking about you already gives me strength to withstand everything that comes with motherhood :) Just don't give Mommy a hard time during delivery okay? I'll do everything to make sure that we'll get out of it safe and sound. For now, just stay healthy and beautiful for Daddy and me until we meet!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

8 months and counting!

Hello my love!

Mommy's in bed and a little bit sleepy. It's been a while since I wrote something, and I got time for it today because Daddy's at Tito Tim's bachelor party. I got a few hours to myself and with you!You have been in my tummy for about 8 months now and we can't be more excited to meet you! It's amazing how time flies so fast that in a little more than a month you'll come out of me and everybody's looking forward to it!

I feel your very strong kicks and movements that wakes me up in the wee hours of the night. But then I guess it's some kind of practice for what lies ahead with us, right? I'm sure you'll keep me awake every night, and that's ok, let's just say your dad and I signed up for this so we're pretty much prepared!

I'm glad that we got a little rain today, it's been so humid that sometimes I get dizzy from the heat! So now the airconditioning's on for most of the day, I hope your Lolo Nestor wouldn't mind :) we've been staying in my old room for the whole week, and tomorrow, we'll be at your Lola Baby and Lolo Toto's house, again for another week. It's mainly because I get really hot and uncomfortable at night because of the heat and it will be very hard for me to work when I lack sleep.

On Monday your daddy and I will be celebrating our first year anniversary, and I still am racking my brain for a unique surprise for him. It's too bad that my funds are pretty limited now since I haven't settled my clearance with Southville yet and I dunno when I'll receive compensation for this stint at your dad's company but I hope I can get something nice for him. He never fails to surprise me, just like this very special video that he made for me recently!

Of course it made your mommy cry each time she watches it. I'm playing it right now and I"m starting to choke again :) This will also be our song for you!

You're kicking so hard again, we keep on praying that you finally settle in the correct position. I hope I'm drinking enough water for you still! Can't wait to see you my love! We'll have lots of wonderful adventures together! Mwah!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy week ho-hums

Can't believe you're 7 months today. That just means Mommy is getting bigger and will continue to pack on a few pounds more until you arrive. I saw an acquaintance at church this afternoon and noticed how her legs have gotten bigger since the last time I saw her. And then I got scared that I have the same. Well, upon careful inspection on the mirror, it looks the same.... but then again, the rest of my body is not! Haha. It's really difficult to hold back on eating especially when there's food all the time and I'm afraid to go hungry... I get temperamental! I ate a small slice of cake tonight and I noticed the kicks around my bladder are getting nastier... did I make you hyper today? Sorry baby. But I'm sure you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Did I tell you I'm having a hard time sleeping and moving now? That's all good, I just can't wait to see you! It's just 2-3 months to go which I think will just be short. Or maybe a bit longer now that I'm officially unemployed. Anyhoo, your daddy and I are having some plans here and there to make your life comfortable, with the help of your lolo and lola of course. They're equally excited as us to meet you! So you better keep yourself pink and pretty because there's going to be a big party when you arrive!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excited to see you!

To my baby Georgia,

Mommy's actually busy with her teacher's portfolio for clearance at Southville but I can't seem to focus and finish anything. I'm too lethargic from that great lunch at Mama Lou's for your Tita Joanne's high school graduation celebration. I was so full that I had to beg off from the Brooklyn pizza treat of Teacher Anna. It's 4:05 pm and I can't wait to be picked up by your Lolo. I'm excited to see your Tito Nathan because I sneaked off 2 drawing books and some crayons from here. I know he'll be thrilled to draw and practice his letters with it.

You are now 27 weeks inside my tummy, and I'm sipping water as I write. 3 weeks ago we were terribly scared that I bled while in school. I know it's my fault that I wasn't taking care of myself for you at that time (yes, I quite forgot I was pregnant because I was rushing to and fro and raising my voice) but I finally let go and agreed to rest for a week. I was glad that the visit to the doctor came in a week early because we wouldn't find out that you badly need water to swim inside my tummy! So sorry if you had a hard time. I was told by Doc that you're in a breech position and that really worried me because I might be due for a C-section when you're ready to come out and your daddy and I might not be able to afford it! I hope that I'm drinking enough water for you now. I'll drink more in a little bit.

I'm so excited to see you! Daddy even dreams about you and he's as excited as me. I'm just getting anxious that I might not be able to take care of you as well as I should. But your Lola said that I'll learn eventually and that I shouldn't worry. I sure hope so!

Mommy's butt is hurting now so I need to walk a bit, and maybe continue working in the next 45 minutes. Hang in there my baby, just a few more months and we'll finally meet! I pray for your health and well-being always. I love you so much!