Monday, December 10, 2012


I see you struggling to breathe through a clogged nose. And in a few moments I will hear you with that pitiful cough. This is your first time to get sick, and it breaks my heart that you fall asleep in the morning when I carry you because you had difficulty sleeping the night before. It's even more difficult for me because I have also acquired cough and colds because I lack sleep.

We saw a different doctor last Thursday in the hopes of treating your symptoms right away. You were diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, something that I find hard to accept because I always knew you got my good health and strong immune system. But then again the history of allergy is so strong with your daddy's side of the family. In fact he's sick himself nowadays. You were prescribed with several meds and I suppose I can't accept the fact that doctor prohibits me from eating peanuts and recommending that you use a hypoallergenic (and expensive) bath and laundry soap together with buying new pillows. I even felt bad about the dog in your lola's home, with which I swore that you'll never have any pets when you grow up.

And since you weren't getting any better, we decided to meet your doctor for an emergency check-up and Dr. Kat was more than willing to go out of her way to meet us. And she told us what my instincts tell me all along... you contracted a virus, most probably from your daddy and uncle and that we needed a whole new set of meds. That was actually the first time I kinda lied to your doctor, because I didn't buy the meds she first prescribed and instead jumped the gun and bought what the other doctor prescribed, because initially I thought they'd have the same diagnosis. Well, they did not, and I guess I panicked a bit because I really want you to get well.

Anyhoo, to right a wrong, I followed your doctor's instructions, and I felt bad that I spent a lot on the wrong meds. I'm feeling a bit under the weather nowadays, and more than anything, I want to get well so I can take care of you better. It's sad and frustrating that some doctors just jump to a diagnosis. What if you had a more serious ailment, what would happen to you then? I learned several lessons today: 1) to not see doctor #2 ever(she's what I call "malakas ang dating" and not very accommodating; 2) to believe our own doctor's instincts and see her right away; 3) not buy meds all at one time if there's any bit of hesitation; 4) steer clear of people who are sick!(this could be very difficult if it's your daddy we're talking about).