Monday, January 28, 2013

My little schoolgirl

I've always wanted to bring you to babies' class and it was a pleasant surprise when Teacher Thumby invited us to join every Friday morning. It's been almost three years since I worked at Toddlers Unlimited (website: and I miss being in it. It is a place I've always wanted to share with you, and despite the new stuff and the new faces since I left, it is the same warm and homey environment that I think you would enjoy.

When I told people you'll be going to school, I was met with questioning eyes and most, if not all, asked me, "Isn't it too early?" or "What will they teach her?" and even your daddy was wondering and wanted to see it for himself. OF COURSE the Duckies class is developmentally appropriate, a 45-minute class basically designed for babies 6-12 months to be aware of themselves and interact with other babies and adults who are not part of the family. It is also to introduce routines and good habits such sharing and packing away, as well as developing literacy and numeracy skills. I believe it's never too early.

January 11. Teacher Sharon welcomed you inside the Romp (such a happening place with the store, animal clinic, fire station and everything else) with a warm smile and a basket of toys during Free Play. You immediately grabbed the balls then eventually tinkered with the dials of the radio activity board. A few minutes after, your only classmate Natalie arrived and you reached out to her as if to say hi. Wasn't she friendly? It's a Mommy and me class, so naturally I was there to play with you and revert your focus back to the toys when you started picking on the parachute mat.

You were quite oblivious when Teacher Sharon started singing the pack away song. Don't worry honey, you'll learn that soon! At Circle Time, you sang and moved to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Roly Poly. You were introduced to Natalie and were given the big mirror for you to look at yourself. Teacher Sharon let you play a bit with the colored felt trains. Afterwards, she let you try out the teeter-totter but you'd rather chase the ball nearby. I was delighted that you did not hesitate to look through the tunnel and reach for the ball inside. I was at the other end waiting for you to crawl across but maybe next time you'll be able to. It was quite a long one anyway.

You and Natalie were called back for Story Time and Teacher Sharon read Hey Diddle Diddle while you couldn't get your hands off Jack and Jill. Alas, it was time to say goodbye but it looked like you weren't ready to leave yet. It was basically tiring looking and chasing after you, but it was quite an experience don't you think? As of this writing you have yet to attend your second session and I hope you're looking forward to it like I am :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A confession

A handful of mommy friends have asked me how I am and within that conversation would say, "Ansarap talaga magka-baby noh?" To which I would reply with a weak smile. Actually, I would really like to say, "Are you out of your mind?! What on earth are you talking about?!"

My darling Georgia, Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back; and you have brought us immense joy as the days go by. But this is by far the most difficult ordeal I've ever had to contend with. I quit my job for you and yet the hours could not possibly accommodate all your needs and mine at least consistently. While the babies your age I see on Facebook have probably settled in a nighttime routine, I have yet to get a decent sleep. It's bad that you get colicky in the wee hours and I have to carry and soothe you, it's worse when sleep eludes me for as much as three hours a night WHILE you're sound asleep. Sigh. Insomnia and probably a bit of postpartum depression DOES NOT make for a happy camper.

Lily in the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother confesses to Ted, being so tired from mommy duties: "I want to pack my bags and go away for good." That pretty much encapsulates how I feel nowadays. I decided to become a full-time mom so I can make the most out of your formative years and while I don't regret making that decision, I realized it doesn't make me the perfect parent. I am human, making mistakes here and there, figuring out my way through mommyhood via trial and error in some cases. I have no special powers to go through each day feeling perky and refreshed all the time. I am doing my absolute best, though. Your Daddy have told me several times that is enough, but only until your Tita Pinky told me again did I become completely convinced. I guess it's because she's a fellow mom who has gone through the same challenges and was able to deal with them.

I am not sharing this to make you feel you're a burden. You are not and never will be. You are life-changing, character-forming, a blessing and a lifelong cause for learning for your Daddy and me. I am only sharing what's true and real. And more than anything, it's what your Daddy wants me to learn, and what we wish that you will be - truthful to yourself and what you feel always. As a family, we will take that journey together, for better or for worse.