Thursday, August 30, 2012

I can get used to this!

I can get used to this... really. It's 10am and you are peacefully sleeping in your cradle swing care of your Tita Carla, which I should say is the greatest invention for you as of yet! Too bad I had to endure like 2 months of sleepless nights until we discovered you fit snugly in it and had no qualms of being in it! There's even a bit of improvement now that you no longer cry when I put you in the swing while you're still awake and you can lull yourself to sleep as you stare at the hanging toys!

I failed in giving a blow-by-blow documentation of your birth and the struggle that is the first 2 months. Your Daddy and I don't seem to get tired of telling people about Day 1 ordeal, when you cried your lungs out from 9pm to 4am for no reason at all. I was forced to get up from bed despite the catheter and my stitches just to pacify you, without any success, until you decided to go to sleep at 4am just like that.

I found myself crying when Doc Kat said you had to be admitted for possible jaundice. I felt so much pity for you that your small and helpless body had to be put on IV, not to mention that I haven't had any sleep that first week and that a hospital stay will make me feel more miserable. I had to look away when the ER doctor had to insert that needle on your foot (which later on got removed because you moved too much and so they had to insert a needle again on your hand which both of us didn't see). The first room we signed up for was the smallest I've ever been in, and the most pitiful at that. Good thing there was an available room on the 4th floor where everything was waaay better. After a few days of photolight therapy, you were discharged and I couldn't have been happier.

The next few weeks brought about frustration and an extreme amount of patience and understanding. Your dad would find me crying in frustration that I cannot make you stop crying or I felt too tired from lack of sleep. As the days went on, things got better, and I was getting the hang of things. Later on we learned to distinguish your cries, change your diaper in the most systematic way possible and I learned which position saved me from having sore nipples. We got such a big help from Manang Lita, a lactation expert and she was probably the greatest recommendation I could ever give my expectant mother friends.

You are now 2 months and a week old. We have seen you smile a hundred times since you first learned to, you now follow a feed/wake/sleep cycle which hopefully will bring us to longer nighttime sleep in the future! You have been using the cradle swing much to our delight and I have been sleeping quite comfortably, albeit 3-4 hours at a time at most. Your dad and I are slowly easing back into our old lives, watching movies and eating out with friends. As a matter of fact, we'll be watching his favorite "Phantom of the Opera" on his birthday. Your Ate Mylene has grown very fond of you and has decided to stay with us indefinitely much to our relief. We have also received very good news from Canada, and who knows, we might just find ourselves moving to that colder part of the world by next year or so.

So many things are happening since you were born, my love. And I'm glad it's mostly good things for our family. You are our lucky charm, baby Georgia! I'm excited for what lies ahead!