Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week's news

Did you know so many things happened the past week aside from my Lola Fely's and your Lolo Nestor's birthday?

1. Lady Gaga was unstoppable amidst the rallyists' cries for the cancellation of her 2-day concert in Manila because some closed-minded people think she's satanic and a bad role model for the youth.
--- I think these people have nothing better to do. I like some of her songs but find the others too weird for my taste and I am in no way satanic nor vulgar. I do find her outfits ridiculous but not even a topic for discussion. Why do people have to be so affected by it? When you're a bit older I'll show you what she looks like and you tell me if she's weird. Now I wonder how will the pop artists of your time will look like? I shudder at the thought but I guess you'll be just like me, nonchalant about these things. I did find some of the concertgoers' outfits quite hilarious, though. I probably would have watched had it been a year ago when I was still digging her songs.

2. Chief Justice Corona stages drama which just left the impeachment court and the TV audience irritated and exasperated with what Philippine politics and the justice system has turned out nowadays.
--- This is a piece of news that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The paawa effect and all the crying makes me puke. The chief justice trying to wriggle his way out of the mess he had created, the millions of dollars and pesos to his name, his hypoglycemic episode, haaaaay! It makes me sad to think that you will be born in a world of biases, dishonesty, dirty politics, lame excuses, and people who insult other people's intelligence. This may be far-fetched, but I hope and pray that the good still prevails everytime.

3. Philip Phillips wins American Idol Season 11.
--- Your Daddy and I have been avid viewers of the show, and it came to a point where we didn't mind if Philip or Jessica Sanchez won. However, when news spread that he needed a kidney operation, I thought it was a lame excuse to get sympathy votes, so I decided to bet on Jessica because of Filipino pride as well. We were able to vote several times, but I guess middle America still can't get enough of WGWGs (white guys with guitars). I know how some people have vehemently reacted to the results, but I guess everyone's pacified by now, since there's news that Tommy Mottola has already signed her up for a recording deal. I wonder if you'll be as musically talented as her? Haha. Mommy wouldn't mind whatever you get yourself into, be it sports, music, literature or the arts. Heck, you can even get into practical shooting with your dad if we can afford it!I asked him one time, and he said it would be nice if you'll end up a doctor or lawyer later on. I wouldn't mind if you turn out to be a teacher like me. As long as you stay right on track at least most of the time, you won't hear anything from me.

4. Mommy is 35 weeks pregnant!
--- Sorry baby Georgia if at times Mommy's just quiet or she complains a lot. I'm actually having a very difficult time already carrying you and honestly I really want this pregnancy to get over with! I visited the doctor last Friday and she told me I should really watch what I eat, considering you'll still grow 200-300grams a week and when I continue eating as I've been, I might deliver you C-section and that's something that we are really trying to avoid. My tummy's always itchy, I have a hard time finding a good sleeping position, and I can no longer endure a shopping errand! To think that I used to spend a whole day at the mall just a few years ago. Your Lola Baby helped us fix our condo for your arrival and we spent yesterday afternoon buying stuff for you. My feet just killed me and it was just under 2 hours! It actually made me worry because that meant I was already too heavy for my feet which have become swollen when we got home. It didn't ended there; we had to fix the closets, take out stuff, clean the rooms, set up the crib and the electric rocker, and so many other things that left your dad and me extremely tired and hungry at 9pm. Well at least everything's ready, we might even have somebody to help me at home when you arrive! I just have to pack our stuff for the hospital and we're good to go!

We have around a month to go, or maybe as short as 2 weeks I can't believe I'll be able to hold you in my arms!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

As big as a cantaloupe

I hope Blogger still maintains the old interface, I'm having a hard time with the new one! It's not as user-friendly and my posts turn out weird.

It's been a week since the baby shower that your Lola Baby, Tita Clarice, Tita Joanne and Tita Anna prepared for your dad and me. A lot of people came, just like my old friends Cathy and Elaine, as well as Jenny and Polle from the gym. It was indeed a shower of sorts because it literally poured around 4pm and we had to move the chairs and tables a bit. There was a lot of yummy food as well as a batch of yummy looking cupcakes! The photos are on Facebook and you'd see me all bloated and ready to give birth! It's really hard to move around now that you're as big as a cantaloupe (5lbs) and I'm pretty sensitive to heat. It rained a little bit a while ago and I'm hoping there'll be a breeze so I can sleep well.

I have four days left til I go on a real vacation, which means no part time work even yay! It will be a big change for me, considering I've been working since I was able to. Then again, I'd probably get too saturated with Facebook and checking my email. Maybe it's time to check out Lamaze videos and save them on my hard drive.

I can't wait to see you! I know it won't be long. It feels surreal though. In a few weeks my life will dramatically change, but I know it will be for the better. I've been told of sleepless nights and a total change of lifestyle, and honestly sometimes I feel that I'm not ready for it, but then again, when will I be, right? I guess it's just the fear of the unknown that's dictating all these, which I know I'll eventually overcome, especially when I'm already holding you in my arms. We'll be in this together my baby! Just thinking about you already gives me strength to withstand everything that comes with motherhood :) Just don't give Mommy a hard time during delivery okay? I'll do everything to make sure that we'll get out of it safe and sound. For now, just stay healthy and beautiful for Daddy and me until we meet!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

8 months and counting!

Hello my love!

Mommy's in bed and a little bit sleepy. It's been a while since I wrote something, and I got time for it today because Daddy's at Tito Tim's bachelor party. I got a few hours to myself and with you!You have been in my tummy for about 8 months now and we can't be more excited to meet you! It's amazing how time flies so fast that in a little more than a month you'll come out of me and everybody's looking forward to it!

I feel your very strong kicks and movements that wakes me up in the wee hours of the night. But then I guess it's some kind of practice for what lies ahead with us, right? I'm sure you'll keep me awake every night, and that's ok, let's just say your dad and I signed up for this so we're pretty much prepared!

I'm glad that we got a little rain today, it's been so humid that sometimes I get dizzy from the heat! So now the airconditioning's on for most of the day, I hope your Lolo Nestor wouldn't mind :) we've been staying in my old room for the whole week, and tomorrow, we'll be at your Lola Baby and Lolo Toto's house, again for another week. It's mainly because I get really hot and uncomfortable at night because of the heat and it will be very hard for me to work when I lack sleep.

On Monday your daddy and I will be celebrating our first year anniversary, and I still am racking my brain for a unique surprise for him. It's too bad that my funds are pretty limited now since I haven't settled my clearance with Southville yet and I dunno when I'll receive compensation for this stint at your dad's company but I hope I can get something nice for him. He never fails to surprise me, just like this very special video that he made for me recently!

Of course it made your mommy cry each time she watches it. I'm playing it right now and I"m starting to choke again :) This will also be our song for you!

You're kicking so hard again, we keep on praying that you finally settle in the correct position. I hope I'm drinking enough water for you still! Can't wait to see you my love! We'll have lots of wonderful adventures together! Mwah!