Friday, August 16, 2013

All You Need is Love

I came across a quote on Facebook a few days ago that went something like "you learn more about yourself through your children." Now that you're about to celebrate your 14th month, we see your personality shining through your attempts at independence. You're an active little girl who expresses her wants through shrill yells and your syllables come far in between, as it seems you don't want to be manipulated in mouthing words just because we want you to.

All in all you are a very affectionate daughter who never gets out of bed without smiling at mommy or daddy. You're fond of giving hugs and receiving them, and the times that you face me and kiss me with an open mouth is a moment that often catches me by surprise and at the same time I look forward to. When a few months ago I could hardly say I enjoy being a mom because I was always tired and lacking sleep, now I finally understand why other moms gush out their emotions in this regard. When you pull yourself up to lie on my chest and give me a bear hug and stay there for a few minutes, everything feels right in the world. Definitely a happy ray of sunshine amidst the severely disappointing pork barrel news as of late.

In the times that we bring you to a public playground, we notice that you acquired a combination of mommy's and daddy's traits. You seem to be comfortable playing on your own yet your eyes light up when you see other children. Daddy says you're just like him who knows not to trespass on personal space, but you're willing to be led my other kids into something, just like mommy. While Daddy fears that you might be susceptible to being bullied, I say that people will gravitate towards you because you have a good heart and they will like to play and be with you instead of push you around. Love begets love, and if you have a lot of it to give around, a lot will come back to you as well. Don't listen to Daddy, he just likes to find things to worry about even if it's unnecessary hehehe :)

You always remind me how love should be - pure, spontaneous, life-changing and contagious. It doesn't expect anything in return nor subject to any conditions. We love you dearly, and I hope your daddy and I can inspire you to be as loving as you can be.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Butterflies in my stomach

Time is really flying a lot faster now. We are getting closer and closer to realizing your mommy and daddy's big plans for the future. As excited as we are, we are keeping our sadness at bay, as it seems we won't even see Christmas 2013 here in the Philippines. In any case, it's all for the better because we surely don't want to arrive in Canada right smack in the cold winter. I figured it's going to be all the more lonesome with our families thousand of miles away, being cooped up in the house adjusting to the harsh climate. You have nothing to worry about, for all your toys will be there waiting for you when we arrive.

I'm starting to have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about how life would be like with just the three of us in an unfamiliar place. It would be ideal for me to find a daycare to work in and for you to stay in while you wait for me. By that time you have to learn to drink milk from a cup unsupervised and put yourself to sleep. You have to learn to be independent a little bit earlier than your peers and I honestly think you can hack it :)