Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy week ho-hums

Can't believe you're 7 months today. That just means Mommy is getting bigger and will continue to pack on a few pounds more until you arrive. I saw an acquaintance at church this afternoon and noticed how her legs have gotten bigger since the last time I saw her. And then I got scared that I have the same. Well, upon careful inspection on the mirror, it looks the same.... but then again, the rest of my body is not! Haha. It's really difficult to hold back on eating especially when there's food all the time and I'm afraid to go hungry... I get temperamental! I ate a small slice of cake tonight and I noticed the kicks around my bladder are getting nastier... did I make you hyper today? Sorry baby. But I'm sure you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Did I tell you I'm having a hard time sleeping and moving now? That's all good, I just can't wait to see you! It's just 2-3 months to go which I think will just be short. Or maybe a bit longer now that I'm officially unemployed. Anyhoo, your daddy and I are having some plans here and there to make your life comfortable, with the help of your lolo and lola of course. They're equally excited as us to meet you! So you better keep yourself pink and pretty because there's going to be a big party when you arrive!