Monday, September 3, 2012

Georgia on my mind

Hello baby! Do you know I've been waiting for you to wake up so you can feed? I've been waiting for about an hour already! It seems like you can sleep for longer periods already, leaving mommy to attend to other things, like this blog. This is great!

A handful of our friends and family have asked me why we named you Georgia. Well, for one, it's the very first name that your daddy considered from all my other suggestions. Second, I wanted something unique, something that sounds classy yet not too girly. During my pregnancy I would often see Georgina Wilson on TV and figured I would like my daughter to be as stunning. Of course that's a long shot because genes do play an important part in how you will look like (which, as of late, is leaning heavily on your daddy's side). Anyway, it was also American Idol season and these country singers would choose songs with Georgia in their title, such as Georgia on my Mind and Midnight Train to Georgia. Of course how could I forget John Mayer's Why Georgia. Not that those songs are my favorites, but they just seemed to occupy my consciousness more often than not. And then Philip Philips, who's from Georgia, became this year's American Idol. I think that sealed the deal hehehe.

And what do you know, when I came down from the car to get inside the church where you will be baptized, I see Georgia on the street sign. Now is that fate or what? :)

How about Lucia, you may ask? It's actually the name of the daughter of a former co-worker who's the cutest baby I've ever seen (until I saw you of course!) and also it's a tribute to your Lola Baby who's real name is Lucille. Your Ninang Aweng once remarked if I was a huge George Lucas fan (get it?) and for a moment there I wanted to change it. But of course I didn't! Because for me it's a very beautiful name and I think it fits you perfectly. I hope you'll feel the same way :)