Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excited to see you!

To my baby Georgia,

Mommy's actually busy with her teacher's portfolio for clearance at Southville but I can't seem to focus and finish anything. I'm too lethargic from that great lunch at Mama Lou's for your Tita Joanne's high school graduation celebration. I was so full that I had to beg off from the Brooklyn pizza treat of Teacher Anna. It's 4:05 pm and I can't wait to be picked up by your Lolo. I'm excited to see your Tito Nathan because I sneaked off 2 drawing books and some crayons from here. I know he'll be thrilled to draw and practice his letters with it.

You are now 27 weeks inside my tummy, and I'm sipping water as I write. 3 weeks ago we were terribly scared that I bled while in school. I know it's my fault that I wasn't taking care of myself for you at that time (yes, I quite forgot I was pregnant because I was rushing to and fro and raising my voice) but I finally let go and agreed to rest for a week. I was glad that the visit to the doctor came in a week early because we wouldn't find out that you badly need water to swim inside my tummy! So sorry if you had a hard time. I was told by Doc that you're in a breech position and that really worried me because I might be due for a C-section when you're ready to come out and your daddy and I might not be able to afford it! I hope that I'm drinking enough water for you now. I'll drink more in a little bit.

I'm so excited to see you! Daddy even dreams about you and he's as excited as me. I'm just getting anxious that I might not be able to take care of you as well as I should. But your Lola said that I'll learn eventually and that I shouldn't worry. I sure hope so!

Mommy's butt is hurting now so I need to walk a bit, and maybe continue working in the next 45 minutes. Hang in there my baby, just a few more months and we'll finally meet! I pray for your health and well-being always. I love you so much!