Saturday, November 17, 2012

Strolling along

As I write this, you're past your second hour of naptime. Did our stroll this morning make you THAT tired? On the one hand, I'm glad you're making up for lost sleep from waking up way too early today. It allows me to do things that I can't normally do when you're awake (like eating, sleeping or blogging) but at the same time I kinda miss you and I want to play with you and see you smile and laugh at my antics and facial expressions. Also, we'll meet up with your lolo and lola for early dinner at Sambokojin and I'm hoping that you'll relax and sleep while we savor the buffet spread later. You say, "What?! You want me to wake up so I can sleep?!" Yes, Mom is a bit deranged that way :)

I immensely enjoy taking walks with you in the mornings and afternoons. For one, it enables me to exercise some muscles and get me back on my previous active lifestyle. Second, I can take advantage of the cool breeze and a bit of nature after being subjected to months of stuffiness at the condo. The scenery here in Alabang rejuvenates me and reminds me that there's so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to. I see your Zen-like disposition (drooly chin on an equally drooly chest with bubbles on your lips and sleepy slits for eyes) as we crawl our way through Tanauan and Cuenca streets, spending around an hour outside everytime.

You're growing so fast baby, and in no time you'll start walking and have me chasing after you. It has been months since I worked out, and so far I'm happy that I started moving around again. I'm happy that I could stroll with you, and sooner or later you'll have me working up a sweat which I would gladly embrace.